Neuroholistic Life Coaching


Welcome to eightstep me life coaching

I’m Ben Callif, a Milwaukee-based philosopher, author, and scientist. In order to overcome my own obstacles and find the purpose in my life I created a life coaching process called eightstep me. This tool unlocks the suppressed potential of our unbalanced brains. I made this simple and effective method for anyone and everyone. Reach out to see how eightstep me can work for you!

eightstep me based on the principle of octaves: that human perception seems to be organized into sequences of 7 units. We can hold an average of 7 items in our working memories (like license plates or phone numbers); we organize our weeks into 7 days; many musical scales have 7 unique notes (C-D-E-F-G-A-B); we see 7 colors in a rainbow (ROYGBIV). This list goes on and on.

Because of this apparent arrangement of conscious experience, the number 8 represents the completion of a cycle — when the end becomes the beginning. Ancient philosophies capitalized on this to improve human life with tools like the ‘eight trigrams‘ of the i ching or the ‘eightfold path‘ of Buddhism. With these ancient methods as a model and my contemporary knowledge of science, I created eightstep me. This psychological, philosophical, and neuroscientific octave is a modern guide to optimizing our human neurophysiology.

And yes, there are 8 steps… Would you like to know what they are?