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Organumics: An Epigenetic Re-Framing of Consciousness, Life, and Evolution

  • One of the best books about “consciousness” I have come across. I’ve read it twice and could probably read it 10 more times and learn something new each time. Highly recommended! Steven
  • The author has done considerable amount of research in order to present only the information that was well established from first principles and not provide a splatter of fantastical, speculative ideas. Highly recommended for the motivated reader. –Aditya
  • This book offers a lot of information in a very small and dense package and I highly recommend reading. This is a super interesting book and one that will hopefully influence more science writing on related subject matter. –Dov
  • Ben Callif writes in understandable language about topics that are not always readily understandable. This is a book that requires and deserves a careful reading, or, more accurately, multiple readings to fully grasp the profound concepts contained within its pages. –Mitchell
  • Organumics is a complex and challenging book covering a range of topics from biology to psychology to sociology and even the philosophy of science. Highly recommended. –Charles
  • The book is thought provoking, stimulating, informative, challenging and sometimes controversial. I highly recommend Organumics. –Ian