My Personal Coaching Principles

Everyone has experienced trauma.

Whether it be perinatal or transpersonal, you have encountered a traumatic event. We may not consciously remember all of our trauma, but our body does. Research is beginning to show that our bodies can even remember transgenerational trauma. In other words, we feel the stresses that our ancestors endured.

Trauma often leads to imbalance.

Our bodies, as biological organisms, cannot experience perfect symmetry. We all have literal and metaphorical forces pushing and pulling us off balance. Addiction is a perfect example of the imbalance that can occur following traumatic stress. It is easy to get caught in habitual behavior, since volitional action requires balance and mindfulness.

The goal of healing is homeostasis.

Homeostasis is a medical and biological term which refers to a mechanism that keeps bodily processes stable and constant — in a word, balanced. Disease is the result of homeostatic breakdown, and thus, diseases are essentially an imbalance in one or more bodily feedback loops. ‘Curing’ diseases is quite literally restoring balance.

Consciousness is designed to find balance.

I have devoted my entire life to the study of consciousness and I have gathered extensive knowledge of philosophy, behavior, and biology. We all have the power to heal ourselves and create balance in our lives. As Dr. Antonio Damasio says: “Consciousness [is] the most sophisticated means at our disposal to regulate homeostasis and manage life.”

You may be wondering, “If consciousness is the answer to healing trauma and disease, why aren’t we all perfect and healthy? We’re all conscious after all…” Consciousness is a powerful tool, but most of us aren’t taught to use it properly. It isn’t easy, but with time, training, and guidance, anyone can unlock their capacity to heal and balance.