Do something different

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This summer two events occurred that drastically changed my perspective:
1) My grandmother rapidly succumbed to sporadic CJD
2) My girlfriend of 5 years moved to Australia and we broke up

The powerful combination of these two gut-wrenchingly emotional events forced me to feel in a way that I had never experienced. My life’s work of creating mental barriers to keep my logic in charge and my emotion repressed was quickly washed away by a torrential flood of feeling.

When this tidal wave surged towards me my logical side was prepared to accept the fundamental flaw in all reasoning. A past me would say:

“this response was lucky”

but you create the luck you want to see.

Others might say:

“I’m not lucky, I’m blessed”

but that doesn’t give your ‘self’ enough credit.

Instead of being swept away under a current of doubt, hatred, and depression, my logic was prepared to accept the strength of my emotional momentum and start the pendulum swinging.

Suddenly and for the first time I felt what it meant to be truly happy. To have a motivation, an objective, a purpose. To be spiritually connected to myself, the people around me, and the universe.

This change in perspective was exactly what I needed to find the answer to my own question:

“what do you do when your actions don’t align with your motivations?”


“something different”

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