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Thank you so much for reading this! Your attention is valuable and I appreciate you spending your time with my thoughts.

Perhaps you are a long-time reader or you’re just popping in to see what this section is all about.
In either case, I’m here to explain a transition that the ‘my thoughts‘ section is currently undergoing. 

Along with me and my business, this website has grown a lot since I started eightstep.me exactly 11 months ago. As the anniversary mark quickly rolls around I find myself coming full circle to this blog (my thoughts) that got the ball rolling. I started this because I wanted a change, and letting your thoughts flow openly allows you to reveal hidden truths to yourself that are hard to admit. In other words, writing is just one of an infinite number of self-reflective techniques. I used this space to document my thoughts publicly as I tried to find who I was and where I was headed. I posted less and less frequently over the months until I had to make myself post at least once a month.



Eventually this blog became just a small piece of a website for what turned out to be a coaching business. Perhaps my blog post frequency decreased after February because I started writing a book (which is pretty much finished at this point) in March which took up most of my writing time (and time in general). I was finally able to organize my thoughts (or at least a very small portion of them) into a coherent, ~60,000 word format thanks to the eightstep me coaching process I created. I have also achieved many other amazing things using my theory, but that’s a story for another time.

The point is that I want to share my eightstep me process through words. This blog was an attempt to do so and in many big ways, it worked brilliantly. By jootsing my way up the eight steps I have discovered that a self-help book of sorts will be a more effective medium to convey my ideas. That means that most of my time writing will continue to be taken up by something more structured than this. But as you may know, eightstep me is all about the balance between structure and disorganization, rigidity and fluidity, the container and its contents. Therefore, this blog will not be up and disappearing. Instead, it will be evolving into something different and more focused. I’m not quite sure what that looks like yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Thanks for sticking with me and let me know if you want to read (or help edit) my book on epigenetic inheritance!

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