Rhythm and energy

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Over the past year I’ve steadily built up this coaching business. I’m still not coaching full time, but I recently surpassed 70+ hours of individual coaching. At first, these sessions were very free-form and I would rely on my psychology education and intuition to guide my style. After jumping into it without any prior knowledge (which I’ve learned that I love to do) I started studying the styles and niches of other coaches. The most basic advice that almost all life coaches give is: “pick your niche.” And, at first, I thought I could avoid this. Isn’t the whole point of “life coaching” to encapsulate your entire life? Perhaps it is, but I see now that you need to start somewhere. After creating some connections in random coaching networks I stumbled upon one who had recently moved to my city. The synchronicity of it drew us together and I ended up hiring her as my personal coach. I made a huge amount of progress working with her, including narrowing down possible options for a niche and finishing my master’s thesis that I had been avoiding. She saw me through to my graduation, which was apparently the biggest resistance that I was facing at the time, and after that our sessions trailed off.

But thanks to her I began to formalize my coaching method. When I created eightstep me it was entirely on a whim — the name, the logo, the idea, all pure intuition. I had no idea what I was going to do with it or how. But I’ve come to what may seem like an obvious conclusion: it is a process of eight steps meant to transform your self. I have been testing them out individually until now. This is my third day into a ketogenic diet mixed with intermittent fasting. Rhythm is a major step in the process, and energy is its associated minor. I’m testing them out together and it is hard. Much harder than any individual step has been so far. But resistance is a good sign! I’m on the right track. So listen up future me: this isn’t easy and its not meant to be. Send me a message from the future about all the rewards I’m reaping from sticking with it 😉

  1. Me

    So… ~3 weeks later…
    My body doesn’t know how to operate without sugar — I got pink eye and kidney stones all at the same time. Perhaps I’ll try again, but slowly lol.

    Either way, an enlightening experience…


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