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Letting Go With Both Hands

A lot has happened in the 5 months since I wrote “To Let Go” — a post in which I used my experience at a Trump rally to explain my feelings about leaving graduate school.  Here’s a quick recap of some notable events in my life since then: Trump became the president I moved out of my

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Ups and Downs: Comfort and Discomfort

I ended my last post by talking about my idea that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is really less about needs and more of an embedded heterarchy of comforts. In this post I’ll be expanding on that topic by discussing what comfort and discomfort mean in terms of the Ups and Downs of eightstep me. Feeling is

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Do something different

This summer two events occurred that drastically changed my perspective: 1) My grandmother rapidly succumbed to sporadic CJD 2) My girlfriend of 5 years moved to Australia and we broke up The powerful combination of these two gut-wrenchingly emotional events forced me to feel in a way that I had never experienced. My life’s work

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