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Treadmill Euphemism

Treadmill Euphemism This is a treadmill We are all on it. Some of us move too fast And jump off the front. Some of us move too slow And fall off the back. But we are all on the treadmill (Whether we like it or not – Don’t believe me? Try to stop moving. Try

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I’ve written about universally accessible superpowers and how balance (eightstep) is God… But how are these things connected? Fascinatingly, another way to ask this question is: What is consciousness? And while I have been asking this question constantly for nearly two decades I finally feel like my background in Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience has equipped me with

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Emotional satisfaction

“A theory doesn’t have to be emotionally satisfying to be true.” Scientists I’ve asked invariably and intuitively agree with this statement without thinking about it. But let’s examine what this actually means. A theory is: “an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events” So, can you explain something without

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