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I’m Good…

I was talking to a friend about eightstep me. The conversation naturally shifted over a few of the topics I’ve covered in my blog posts, like motivation and fulfillment, growth and stagnation, and paradoxical self-reference. They seemed confused about the concept of life coaching in general. At one point they said that they didn’t see

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Letting Go With Both Hands

A lot has happened in the 5 months since I wrote “To Let Go” — a post in which I used my experience at a Trump rally to explain my feelings about leaving graduate school.  Here’s a quick recap of some notable events in my life since then: Trump became the president I moved out of my

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To let go

At the end of my summer when I was beginning to integrate the death of my grandmother and my breakup I went to visit my sister (and cousin) in Washington. An important part of my newfound feeling of openness was re-introducing myself to everyone in my life, since I felt like I had never truly

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