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eightstep me

Thank you so much for reading this! Your attention is valuable and I appreciate you spending your time with my thoughts. Perhaps you are a long-time reader or you’re just popping in to see what this section is all about. In either case, I’m here to explain a transition that the ‘my thoughts‘ section is currently

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Ups and Downs: Comfort and Discomfort

I ended my last post by talking about my idea that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is really less about needs and more of an embedded heterarchy of comforts. In this post I’ll be expanding on that topic by discussing what comfort and discomfort mean in terms of the Ups and Downs of eightstep me. Feeling is

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Ups and Downs: Hierarchy and Heterarchy

As a continuation of my Ups and Downs series of posts I’ll be diving into the pyramid known as “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.” In this hierarchy we see that our physiological requirements, like food, water, and shelter are at the bottom of the pyramid. As we rise up the hierarchy we begin to move away from

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