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The Value of Perception (and a Bitcoin)

Bitcoin has been all over the news recently… or maybe that’s only the case in my mind, because I have some money invested in it lol. Either way, the value of bitcoin has skyrocketed over the last few months.   This ‘bitcoin boom’ has triggered conversations all over the world about what it means for

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Our Stories

Our lives and our selves are our personal stories. Each perspective  is a reality, composed of a narrator, a setting, characters, and a plot. As one of my favorite philosophers of consciousness, Daniel Dennett, describes it:  “Professional novelists, like con artists, create narratives with cunning and deliberate attention to the details. The rest of us are

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It is easy to use logic to discount the subjective experiences of others. “How could you be cold? I’m perfectly comfortable.” “How could you see a ghost? They don’t exist.” “How does that upset you? You’re so unreasonable.” Usually, we get away with this trick of denial. It seems to be the norm in society

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