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“Whatever” is often thought of as an expression of not caring. But really, the phrase ‘whatever’ indicates a conceptual sore spot. It’s like a bright neon sign that the topic, idea, or thought at hand is something you’d rather avoid. Much like discomfort  and vulnerability, this innate desire to avoid the feeling makes us quite bad at

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Ups and Downs: Progress and Stagnation

I’ve always wanted a PhD, but I’ve never had a concept of what that means. Well, I know it stands for “Doctor of Philosophy,” but you don’t become a doctor or a philosopher when you get it… Instead “the completion of a Ph.D. is a requirement for employment as a university professor.” I thought I

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Ups and Downs: Strength and Weakness

In this series of posts about Up and Down I’ve been exploring how diametrically opposed concepts (light and darkness; hierarchy and heterarchy; comfort and discomfort) are mapped onto the spatial orientations of Up and Down, just like emotion and logic are represented by left and right. George Lakoff and Mark Johnson refer to this spatial mapping of

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