Treadmill Euphemism

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Treadmill Euphemism

This is a treadmill
We are all on it.
Some of us move too fast
And jump off the front.
Some of us move too slow
And fall off the back.
But we are all on the treadmill
(Whether we like it or not –
Don’t believe me? Try to stop moving.
Try to stop the world from spinning).

On this fixed track of time
There are two ways for conflict to arise:

  • Across feet
  • Between steps

Our feet are off-phase when we walk –
Left/right, think/feel, progress/conserve.
We move and forget where we are/were/can be.
Our steps are continuous, but we see them discretely –
Forward/back, then/now, what is/what could be.
We move and forget who we are/were/can be.

Integrate from side-to-side,
Reconcile front-to-back,
See how your feet cooperate,
See that every step is connected.

Think – possibility is everything
Feel – everything is possibility

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