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I’ve written at length about left and right, the whole and the parts, logic and emotion. While I haven’t precisely described the process behind eightstep me, or how to balance these two aspects of reality, if you really want the details or the bigger picture let’s set up a coaching session 🙂

However, I would like to write about what happens when there is inequality in the system, or a distorted reflection. Because it may be impossible to find true center, but having a clear idea of what to avoid will help you stay focused on the path to balance.

I call the natural process of one side dominating the other: zoom

If eightstep is using your momentum to cross the interface between the two sides, zoom is going around in a circle on one side. My sister would call it “tail-chasing.” It’s a highly accurate visual metaphor and physical analogy. Even if you catch your tail you won’t be fulfilled, you’ll just look silly and feel dizzy.

I call it zoom because what you’re really doing is spiraling, or zooming in or out.


This is why zooming feels like being balanced — because each side is a mirror image of the other side. Since they are constantly and inextricably opposed to each other both logic and emotion contain an infinite number of reflections of the whole, much like an infinite hall of mirrors.


So even though you feel/think like you are both thinking and feeling you are usually just thinking that you’re feeling, or feeling that you’re thinking. In other words, we usually only simulate emotions with logic or logic with emotions. It is not impossible to truly feel and truly think (not simultaneously), but more often than not we acquiesce to the struggle and occupy only one side of the infinity because it is more comfortable to avoid the interface between the two. And this leads to a feedback loop in which we think we’re on both sides, but really we are just spiraling inwards.

nautilus-zoomThis inward spiral prevents us from seeing how we interact with each other, how we interact with our selves. It is the creation of boundaries, both physical and mental. It is necessary for existence because without imbalance the interface dissolves — two things become one, and one thing cannot exist alone. While it is a necessary feature of life, it is drastically easier to live if you are aware of the paradox. Knowing the feeling of zoom and feeling the knowledge of zoom allows you to break free of the circle and eightstep me.

For logical individuals stopping the zoom, crossing the interface, and eightstepping means letting go of understanding. It is acceptance of the internal flaw that logic cannot explain itself.

For emotional individuals stopping the zoom, crossing the interface and eightstepping means containing feelings. It is acceptance of the internal flaw that emotion cannot feel itself.

Freeing yourself of logic is moving outwards to remove your boundaries.

Freeing yourself of emotion is moving inwards to remove your boundaries.

Doing one without the other is zoom: you move infinitely in one direction.

Doing one, then doing the other, over and over again is eightstep: you move in one direction and it takes you in the other direction.

They may sound the same, but when you experience/understand eightstep after years of zoom you will see the difference immediately.

Even when you are containing yourself it is the most liberating feeling.

Even when you are freeing yourself it is the most embracing thought.

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